Sharing Your Data

Data Sharing Options to Meet Your Data Needs!

SEAD’s set of tools and services allows teams of researchers to more easily manage and share data. Using SEAD Project Spaces, you can invite your team and others who you’d like to share your data with to your Project Space in SEAD and assign them to appropriate roles. You can also make all or select data in your Project Space publicly available. Finally, when they’re ready, you can seamlessly submit your data for publication in a long-term repository connected to SEAD for long-term archiving and dissemination.

  1. Share data inside your team and with others
    If you are an administrator in your SEAD Project Space, you can share your data with your team and others by inviting them to your Project Space and assigning them to appropriate roles. Learn how you can quickly create a Project Space in SEAD.
  2. Make your data public without publishing
    As an administrator in your Project Space, you can make all or select data in your Project Space publicly available. Check out these quick steps for making your data public in SEAD.
  3. Publish your data to get a DOI for citation and to promote easy discovery and reuse
    The SEAD Publication Services simplify the process for getting data with long-term value into repositories where they are preserved and made publicly available. SEAD’s streamlined publication workflow will guide you through a publication process that doesn’t require a lot of extra effort to submit your data for publication in a longer-term repository working with SEAD. In addition, SEAD indexes your published data’s metadata and registers them with DataONE, so that your data are more broadly available and discoverable. Learn more about SEAD’s revolutionized approach to publishing data.