SEAD 2.0 Updated with New Features!

Posted on: 
Dec 21, 2016
  • Public Data View in Project Spaces
    You can now direct someone outside of your team to your SEAD 2.0 Project Space page where they can view and access data that your team has made public. Simply switch to the "Public Data" tab located under the Project Space's name and description to view publicly available data in that space
  • "Published Data" has been added to "Explore"
    You can now access a listing of all data published through SEAD by selecting the "Published Data" link under "Explore" in the top navigation! Each published data listing includes Title, Authors, Description, Project Space Name, DOI with a link to the work in the long-term repository, date of publication, and other metadata."
  • Breadcrumb Navigation
    Breadcrumb navigation now appears under the top-level navigation providing links to each page above the hierarchy of the current one and allowing you to quickly find your way back to any of the previous pages you visited prior to the current page. Breadcrumbs reduce reliance on the back button. Example of a breadcrumb: Project Space Name >> Dataset Name >> Folder Name >> Filename

We hope that you enjoy the new features and, as always, welcome your feedback and comments!