Publishing & Preserving Data

Publish your data whenever you want! With just the push of a button from your SEAD Project Space, you can set your data on the path to publication. SEAD takes care of packaging, sending your data to the long-term repository of your choice, and registering your data with DataONE for future discovery and reuse.

SEAD streamlines the publication process by leveraging the annotation and dataset organization you created in your Project Space. This saves you the work of describing and organizing your data twice: once for you and your team; and then again when you publish the data!

Submitting your Dataset for Publication

  1. In SEAD, datasets are the publishable units. If you’re an administrator or editor in a Project Space, you can submit datasets for publication in a SEAD partner repository by clicking on the “Publish” button on the dataset’s information page.publish_button
    A ‘frozen’ copy of your dataset, called a “Curation Object,” is created in the Staging Area of your Project Space where you can make changes to prepare your dataset for publication. Any changes you make to the Curation Object in the Staging Area will not affect the live version of the dataset in your Project Space, so you can continue working on it and submit new versions for publication over time.
  2. Finish creating your Curation Object by adding an abstract and creators, if you haven’t done so already on the live dataset. You can also use this step to change the name of your Curation Object if you’d like the title of your publication to differ from your live dataset’s name. Click “Create.”create_curation_object
  3. There are three steps that guide you through the workflow in the Staging Area:SEAD_publication_workflow

    Step 1: Edit Metadata
    – Review, add, or remove metadata; You can also choose to remove individual files.

    Step 2: Select Repository
    – Review the feedback from SEAD’s Matchmaker which performs automated data and metadata review and recommends the most appropriate repository for publishing your dataset. You can go back and forth between Step 1 and 2 to make your data match the requirements of the repository you want to use. Select your repository.

    Step 3: Submit to Repository
    – Click “Submit” to confirm the submission and send your request for publication to the selected repository.

    At any time, select the “Staging Area” link on your Project Space’s home page to go back to check the status of your publication or see DOIs for already published datasets.


    Also in the Staging Area, you will be able to see if the repository requires you to complete any additional steps in order to publish your dataset.


Once the repository publishes your dataset, you will be able to see the status and the assigned DOI in the Staging Area. Your publication will also appear under “Published Data” tab on the home page of your Project Space and it will be publicly available for anybody to access and download.


Get your Project Space and start publishing your data today!