Managing Users

SEAD users with an administrator role have the ultimate authority over who has access to their Project Spaces and what level of permissions users are assigned in a space. If you are an administrator in your Project Space, you can invite your team and others who you’d like to share your data with and assign them to appropriate roles. You can even make your entire Project Space public for anybody to view and download your data. In addition, Project Space administrators and users with an editor role can make individual datasets public.

Adding Users to Your Project Space and Assigning Roles

If you are an administrator in a Project Space, complete the following steps to add a new user:

  1. Select the Manage Users link provided on the right hand side of your Project Space home page.


  2. Select the Invite tab, enter the new user’s email address and select a role. Click “Submit.”


  3. There is another way to add a new user if you know that an individual already has a SEAD account. Select the Users tab, start typing the user’s name under an appropriate role. SEAD will display all existing accounts for this user. Select an account and click “Submit.” SEAD will send an email message informing the user that she/he has been added to your Project Space.


  4. Individuals can also request access to your Project Space. These requests will show up in the Requests tab, where you can approve or decline them. SEAD will also alert you by sending you an access request email notification. To approve a request, specify the level of permission you’d like to assign to this user and click “Accept.” SEAD will auto generate an email message informing the user about your decision.


Making Your Data Publicly Available
Interested in allowing people who aren’t part of your Project Space access to select datasets or all of them? Learn more…