Making Your Data Public

SEAD provides you quick and easy options for sharing data without publishing. By default, all Project Spaces in SEAD are private. If you are an administrator in your Project Space, you control who has access to data in your Project Space. You have the authority to keep your Project Space private to only users who are part of your space or you can choose to make your entire Project Space public.

Datasets within a Project Space inherit access settings from the Project Space. For example, all content inside a private Project Space will be private by default, available only to members of that Project Space. Project Space administrators and users with an editor role can overwrite the default Project Space access level for individual datasets.

Making Individual Datasets Public

If you are a user with an administrator or an editor role in a Project Space, you can easily change access to individual datasets to public and back any time you want.

  1. Go to your Project Space and select a dataset.
  2. On the dataset’s information page, use the simple toggle mechanism at the top of the page and select the desired privacy setting for your dataset – Private or Public.


Making Your Project Space Public

By default, all SEAD Project Spaces are private. If you are an administrator of a Project Space and your goal is to openly share all data in the Project Space with people who are not logged in to SEAD or part of the Project Space, you can make your entire Project Space public.

  1. Go to your Project Space’s home page, and select the Edit Project Space link on the right hand side.


  2. Scroll down to the Access section, select Public, and click “Update”. By setting access to public, you make all content of this Project Space available to public. Anybody will be able to view and download your data. Remember: Project Space access can be overwritten at the individual dataset level (see the Making Individual Datasets Public section above to learn more).