Help Topics

Check out the following help resources related to SEAD’s newest platform – SEAD 2.0. Follow the links for step-by-step screenshots and instructions on specific topics.

Anybody can create a new account in SEAD and it only takes a few seconds! Go to SEAD's Sign Up page, enter your email address, and click "CREATE ACCOUNT." Check your email for further instructions. SEAD supports both local accounts and sign-in using Google, Facebook, ORCID, or Twitter.

SEAD offers an easy way to create Project Spaces and share your content across multiple spaces.

SEAD provides you quick and easy options for sharing data without publishing. You can choose to keep your Project Space private or make it public. You can also control access to individual datasets in your space.

SEAD allows Project Space administrators to customize the set of metadata options in their Project Space so that teams can add the metadata that makes the most sense for their research.

If you are an administrator in your Project Space, you can invite your team and others who you’d like to share your data with and assign them to appropriate roles.

Publish your data whenever you are ready! With just the push of a button directly from your SEAD Project Space, you can set your data on the path to publication. SEAD’s streamlined publication process leverages the annotation and dataset organization you created in your Project Space and saves you the work of describing and organizing your data twice: once for you and your team; and then again when you publish the data!

SEAD’s set of tools and services provides you with easy data sharing options to meet your data needs

As a SEAD user, you can easily drag and drop or browse to your files to upload data to SEAD.

Your SEAD Project Space offers many exciting features and capabilities!