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Manage DataManage Data

With SEAD Project Spaces you can organize data as you’re collecting and working with them, control who has access, and add the metadata that best supports your project. With on-demand Project Space creation, you can begin your work in no time! Sign up to try out SEAD Project Spaces now!

Readily Drop Active Data into a Project Space

Upload files of any format to organize them in datasets, enable sharing, and instantly have access to type-specific, in-browser previews including geospatial maps, images, playable videos, tabular spreadsheet displays, and document page views. SEAD also extracts and displays metadata from within your files such as information about file formats, creation time, and location.

Customize Metadata in a Project Space

SEAD allows you to specify which set of metadata fields is appropriate for your project and enter as little or as much metadata as you’d like.

Publish & Preserve Data

SEAD's Publication Services simplify the process for getting data with long-term value into repositories where they are preserved and made available to others.

Conveniently Move Data from Project Space to Repository

With SEAD it's easy to transition active data into published and archived products. You can start the publication process with just the push of a button directly from your SEAD Project Space. Publication in SEAD involves automated data and metadata review and submission to one of SEAD's partner repositories. SEAD also indexes your published data’s metadata and registers them with DataONE, so that your data are widely discoverable. Learn more about SEAD's partnership with DataONE.

Modify and Republish Data

Modify your dataset and metadata in the Staging Area of your Project Space to further prepare it for publication. Any changes you make to your dataset in the Staging Area will not affect its live version. You can continue working on the dataset in your Project Space and submit new versions for publication over time.