Creating a Project Space

With on-demand Project Space creation, you can begin your work in SEAD in no time!

SEAD Project Spaces are designed to support the entire life cycle of data management and offer many exciting features and capabilities including customizing metadata options in your Project Space, applying metadata at multiple levels of hierarchy, and managing and sharing data inside your team and with others. A hassle-free, streamlined publication workflow allows you to submit datasets for publication directly from your Project Space to a SEAD partner repository. It also allows you to submit new versions of the same datasets for publication over time.

It only takes a moment to create a new Project Space in SEAD!

  1. If you haven’t already, create a SEAD account. SEAD supports both local account creation and sign-in using Google, Facebook, ORCID, or Twitter.
  2. One way to quickly create a new Project Space is to click “Project Space” under the “Create” dropdown on the main navigation.
  3. Give your Project Space a name and description (optional).
    Create New SEAD Project Space
  4. Every Project Space has a public-facing home page, which you can brand with a logo and header image. Simply enter URL links to the online images you would like to use. You can also add links to point to web resources related to your project (e.g., your project’s main website).
  5. Click the “Create” button. Now you can start using the Project Space – invite your team members and assign them roles; customize metadata options; upload data; and organize your data using folders and collections. You can keep the contents of your Project Space private, make them all public, or selectively make particular datasets public. As soon as you’re ready, you can submit your datasets for publication directly from your Project Space to a SEAD Partner Repository and keep tabs on their publication status.

You can quickly get to your Project Spaces later by going to your Dashboard and selecting the Project Spaces tab (shows the Project Spaces you created) or by selecting “Project Spaces” from the “You” dropdown in the main navigation (shows all Project Spaces you belong to).