Creating a New Account in SEAD

Anybody can create a new account in SEAD and it only takes a few seconds! Go to SEAD's Sign Up page, enter your email address, and click "CREATE ACCOUNT"” Check your email for further instructions. SEAD supports both local accounts and sign-in using Google, Facebook, ORCID, or Twitter. Once your account is activated, you can begin your work in SEAD: upload your data to create datasets and collections, create Project Spaces to share and publish your data, search data in SEAD, and browse through and request access to other Project Spaces.

You can create datasets and upload data into your private space in SEAD any time you want but sharing, making data public, and publishing data are only available within SEAD Project Space. SEAD Project Spaces are designed to support the entire life cycle of data management and offer many exciting features and capabilities including customizing metadata options in your Project Space, applying metadata at multiple levels of hierarchy, and managing and sharing data inside your team and with others. Learn more about creating Project Spaces in SEAD.

SEAD Project Spaces are private, and access is controlled by the admin(s) for the project team. If you'd like to see data or have the ability to leave comments, add tags, etc. on the data in a private Project Space, you’ll need to request access. To do so, click on a Project Space to access its home page and then click on "Request Access" to alert the admin(s) of the Project Space that you would like to have access.