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SEAD enables easy management of data across a broad range of physical and social science disciplines and dramatically lowers the effort required to preserve data for long-term use. Learn More


National Data Service (NDS) to Provide SEAD Data and Tools at Conclusion of NSF Funding

Welcome to SEAD! SEAD’s cooperative agreement with the NSF’s DataNet program concluded on June 30, 2017. Beginning July 2017, SEAD services are offered as a resource through the National Data Service Consortium (NDS) and will indefinitely continue to be available to researchers for the sharing and publication of scientific data to institutional repositories. Please note that at this time user support is limited to assistance with bugs and system errors. Help documentation and FAQs available via this website. Learn more about SEAD’s transition to NDS.


Promote Data Transparency, Reuse, and Scientific Advancement

Integrate SEAD in your repository’s workflow to help data depositors produce and facilitate a smoother path to publication.


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Manage, Describe, and Publish Data

Easily organize, preview, share, publish, or simply make data public with SEAD's team-controlled, collaborative Project Spaces. Incrementally add custom metadata and collaborate with your colleagues during the entire course of your project. SEAD also helps match your data with a long-term repository and provides you with a streamlined workflow for submitting your data for publication.

Create a Project Space

Engage in active curation of your data that guarantees direct benefit to your ongoing research!

SEAD allows you to easily customize metadata options in your Project Space and add new metadata terms that make the most sense for your research!

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