SEAD Releases Version 1.5.2

Posted on: 
Jul 23, 2015

SEAD announces the release of its version 1.5.2. The upgrade has been rolled out to all individual Project Spaces. The 1.5.2 version offers a number of exciting updates that further enhance the list of improvements included in the recent SEAD 1.5 release. The 1.5.2 improvements include:

  • An “@ Mention” feature Users can use the “@ Mention” feature to alert their colleagues when commenting on a dataset. The system automatically sends an email notification to those mentioned in the comment.
  • Simplified user/role management (optional) Groups that don't need SEAD's highly flexible roles and permissions capabilities can now use a simple interface to assign users to one of three predefined roles (admin, author, or viewer) and to specify what information is visible to the public.
  • Enhanced performance for larger spaces Projects with thousands to hundreds of thousands of datasets can now enjoy vastly improved performance.
  • A single “Submit for publication” button Ready to publish? Users can now submit collections for publication simply by clicking on a single “Submit to publication” button.
  • A new export option Users can now export a dataset and its metadata as a single zip file.
  • Security enhancement All communications within project spaces are now automatically redirected to a secured (HTTPS) version.

All of these features are now available in existing project spaces. Contact SEAD if you have questions or are interested in an online walk-through of SEAD covering the latest capabilities. Researchers can also see the new improvements by visiting the SEAD Demo Space.