October 28, 2016 - SEAD Demo Presentation at the South Big Data Hub

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Oct 27, 2016

SEAD co-PI Dr. Jim Myers will give a talk at the South Big Data Hub on October 28 at 3pm ET. The presentation is part of South Hub's demo series to help inform a requirements analysis of key components for a future federated system integrating NDS Labs, XSEDE and Discovery Environment.

To tune in join WebEx here at 3pm on October 28 | Meeting number: 310 282 152 | Password: mcYte242

Audio connection: +1-855-282-6330 | Hackpad Notes


SEAD's powerful data management tools, streamlined publication services, and flexible interoperability capabilities position SEAD as a potential key component of the future federated system. Being a part of the DataNet Federation Consortium project, SEAD has already demonstrated its data and computational interoperability across cyberinfrastructure that were developed independently by various scientific communities (See Essawy, B. T., J. L. Goodall, H. Xu, A. Rajasekar, J. D. Myers, T. A. Kugler, M. M. Billah, M. C. Whitton, and R. W. Moore (2016), Server-side workflow execution..., Earth and Space Science, 3, 163–175, doi:10.1002/2015EA000139). SEAD is also actively involved in NDS discussions regarding interoperability and contributing to the NDS vision aimed at making a broad range of published data accessible across the ecosystem of tools and services. SEAD's popularity is continuing to grow among researchers who are looking for an easier way to manage, describe, and share their data. There are approximately 300 users who are using SEAD Project Spaces today and some have already published their data totaling 1.8 TB to SEAD's partner repositories.