Customize Your SEAD Project Space's Metadata Field Options

Posted on: 
Nov 10, 2014

Because sustainability science encompasses many disciplinary fields, the teams of scientists who use SEAD employ different metadata standards to describe their data. SEAD's Project Spaces offers a default set of "User Specified Metadata" fields based on the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative. This set includes fields such as "Abstract" (a summary of the dataset or collection), "Creator" (the entity responsible for creating the resource), and "Coverage" (the spatial or temporal coverage of the resource). Some projects will need to employ their own discipline specific standard, such as the Ecological Metadata Language (EML). Alternatively, groups might want to supplement an existing metadata standard with metadata fields applicable to their own specific circumstance. SEAD can modify your project space's list of "User Specified Metadata" fields to match your needs; just contact us with a list of fields and, ideally, their definitions. And, just like SEAD Project Space users in the Site-based Data Curation at Yellowstone Project and the University of Michigan Biological Station, you'll be able to add the information that is most useful to you.