Completion of Version 1.5 Release Announced

Posted on: 
Apr 24, 2015

SEAD is pleased to announce the completion of its version 1.5 Release and its imminent deployment. This release is a significant update that addresses a broad range of feature and usability improvements requested by active SEAD users. The long list of enhancements includes:

  • A consistent menu/navigation structure that simplifies browsing from the SEAD website into Project Spaces and to the Researcher Network and Virtual Archive,
  • Single sign-on using Google or ORCID credentials, making it easier to work across multiple project spaces,
  • New Project Space customization options - managers can dynamically update project logos, add custom metadata terms and provide group-specific information about their use, and create an initial collection structure for users to follow,
  • Updated restful web services for reading and writing data and metadata and an associated desktop upload/synchronization client and SEAD library for use within the R statistical package,
  • Enhanced publication process that improves processing and storage efficiency for large collections and that serializes metadata including tags, comments, geolocation, relationships, and formal terms in exportable form.

Some SEAD services have already been upgraded and roll-out to individual Project Spaces is expected to occur through early May. Researchers interested in previewing the latest capabilities are encouraged to contact SEAD or watch for the SEAD-demo server to be updated.