SEAD work flow


At SEAD, we are developing lightweight data services designed to meet the needs of next generation sustainability projects. Our primary aim is to enable sophisticated management of heterogeneous data while dramatically lowering the cost and effort required to curate and preserve data for long-term community use.

With SEAD, you and your sustainability project team can:

  • Build data collections as you work! With SEAD you can preview your data, automatically extract metadata from the data files, track provenance, search data, and view map overlays of your data.
  • Publish and preserve data! When you mark data collections for publication, the data are packaged for cost-effective, long-term storage and receive a digital object identifier (DOI) suitable for citation. No more tedious uploading and filling out lengthy forms at the end of your project.
  • Find future collaborators and gain recognition for your work! Through SEAD's faceted search, you can find data based on location, time range, or other scientific parameters or by browsing through the network of people, projects, and publications that link the community. You can also share your annotations, derived works, and assessments of data quality with the community as new resources.

Interested in Participating?

Take advantage of SEAD’s open source software and its free and low-cost data services for your sustainability research data. We are seeking individuals and groups working on sustainability research to become early adopters of SEAD, take an active role in shaping and improving its services, and help the SEAD network of people, data, publications grow to its full potential. Contact us to participate at