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SEAD offers end-to-end data services for managing, sharing, and preserving data across a broad range of physical and social science disciplines. Supported through NSF's DataNet program, SEAD is led by the University of Michigan in collaboration with Indiana University and University of Illinois.

Researchers increasingly need access to reliable tools for managing, sharing, publishing, and archiving data. SEAD provides them with secure, access-controlled Project Spaces where they can incrementally add, organize, and describe data over time, using community and custom vocabularies; and Publication Services for submitting data for publication in SEAD partner repositories.


Enable Data Management, Sharing, and Archiving!

Include SEAD as the supporting mechanism for data management, sharing, and archiving in your Data Management Plan (DMP). Your SEAD-enabled DMP will increase your research efficiency, preserve your data for the long term, promote the visibility of your research, and help you meet your institutional and grant requirements.


Try out SEAD 2.0 now!


Need a central place for your team to access your team's data and metadata? Looking for an easier way to  share, publish, or make your data public? SEAD 2.0 is a place for you!

Get started in no time with 2.0 Project Spaces where you can organize your data in datasets and collections, add metadata, and collaborate with your colleagues during the course of your project; and 2.0 Publication Services for submitting these datasets for publication to SEAD’s Partner Repositories.

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